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Need a warm comfortable cushion for those cold hard bleachers?

This great butt warmer is fully portable and will make any spot you choose really comfortable. Heat the GelPax in the microwave, place them in the seat and enjoy hours of warmth. The seat is cushioned with 1/2" foam and a plush fleece top. The bottom is lined with water resistant nylon. Convenient carry handles make it easy to take anywhere with you - just heat and go!!!

Butt Warmer size: 12" x19"

If you buy the Butt Gelpakwarmer online, we'll include the 2 GelPax packs FREE!

Simply place the GelPax pack flat in the microwave with gel evenly distributed.  Heat for 30 seconds on high setting. Increase heating time by 15-second intervals, until desired temperature is reached.  DO NOT OVERHEAT.

These high quality gel packs are biodegradable, non-toxic and will keep warm in the Butt Warmer for 2 to 3 hours.

Do not delay! Get this great Butt Warmer today!

Are you a Hockey Mom? How about a great cushion for those cold bleachers? Get one for the great value price of C$49.99* and we'll include the Gelpax packs FREE!  Click the button below to use PayPal's secure online payment.

* A C$14 shipping and handling fee is applied to each separate order.

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